Champion of Diversity & Inclusivity, Racer, Entrepreneur, Autism Ambassador

Matty Street

Matty has grown up with dyslexia, dyspraxia and Asperger’s (a form of autism) and nearly dropped out of high school. However, he discovered a passion for motor sport that quite literally changed the course of his life.

Winning a £30k scholarship to go racing at the age of 14, doors opened to the world of motorsport. He used motorsport to get him through his school studies and then on to completing a degree in motorsport management of logistics.

A love of motorsport led him to running and starting up a number of businesses within the industry.

His hugely successful business, Rochdale’s TeamKarting, is the UK’s highest rated karting track and has won an award for being Autism Friendly.

As a serial entrepreneur, Matty has since developed other businesses that operate in the grass roots karting industry with a focus on making motorsport and affordable and inclusive to all. These include Cadet Kart Racing and XKart.

Matty Street Racing

Taking to the race track not only helped Matty manage the challenges that Asperger’s can cause, it is also a place he excels.

Having gained a vast amount of experience in the world of karting, he made the jump to racing cars in 2019, racing in the Gaz Shocks 116 Trophy.

Overcoming a big learning curve, he achieved a very respectable P4 finish in his rookie year. This led to him being selected to drive for Team BRIT as well as becoming an Academy instructor, Racing With Autism team manager and much more. Read more about Matty’s racing

Matty Street

The focus Matty has on the track is matched by his determination to give others the same opportunities he has had.

He joined Team BRIT because they to are passionate about making motorsport more inclusive and allowing people to compete on a level playing field.

At his own karting track Matty has helped introduce numerous Autistic children to karting, some of which have already progressed to racing outdoors.

Matty Street Racing

You may be surprised to learn, that in addition to being a racer, a motorsports grassroots specialist and business entrepreneur… he is also an Autism Ambassador for Anna Kennedy Online.

He has also delivered a number of talks / presentations, most noticeably one with Team BRIT during the F1 Grand Prix in the Silverstone drivers lounge with 2000 people listening. Plus a TED talk about how to create a future from your passion.